Foreclosure Resources

Does the current economy have you stuck between a rock and a hard place? We may have a FREE solution for you! If you need access to counseling and/or short sale services, this is your one-stop destination for information and resources.

Your options:

  • Save Your Home

Don't be fooled by foreclosure scams!!!  There are numerous FREE options available to you through the state of New Jersey.  Get the Foreclosure Fast Facts booklet that contains Hotline numbers for statewide foreclosure resources that are just waiting to help you.
Did you know that there is a program that will give you a NO-PAYMENT, NO-INTEREST loan up to $20,000 to help bring your loan current?  Plus, you don't have to pay it back until you sell the house!  See if you qualify for the Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) offered by the state of New Jersey.
For more information on the numerous options available to you, go to the State of New Jersey Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency's Foreclosure page.

If you owe more than the value of your home, we will work with your lender to negotiate a lower payoff amount on your home loans in order to get your home to a price range where it will sell in this market.

Our services are completely free to all home owners, your lender pays our fees, as well as ALL traditional sellers closing costs!
 We will work to get you fully forgiven of your debt, regardless of what you owe on your home.
 You do not always have to be in default or foreclosure to work a short sale.
 We are NOT investors, we are state licensed and regulated real estate agents, who are here to serve your best intersts.
 It is usally in your lender's best interests to accept a lower amount than you owe, as foreclosure proceedings cost the lender an average of $58,000.

If you are in financial hardship and must get your home sold, we would like to discuss your circumstances with you to see if you qualify for one. It is not always the best option. Contact us today for a free, confidential, no obligation consultation!

The federal government has created a new program, called HAFA, to provide help to homeowners facing foreclosure.  View the video here: